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Sims 4 Passionate Romance Mod | Interactions Mod – Download (2024)

Sims 4 Passionate Romance
Passionate Romance Mod

The act of loving somebody is intimate and blissful, but this is not what is shown in TS4. Instead, it is vanilla and no less than a platonic relationship. So, to brighten up your love lives in the game, we have an excellent mod by “Sacrificialmods,” called the passionate romance mod.

It is a one-stop solution to igniting that fire between you and the other sim who you’re in complete awe of!

Sims 4 passionate romance mod

This modification refurbishes a lot of romantic interplays between you and your partner. All of those come under a new menu called “Passionate romance.”

For many interactions to work, your character first needs to share a good bond with that character and fall in love with them. You can find the love of your life on SimDa or simply get attracted to them with the attraction modules.

In addition to this, they will also receive a positive moodlet called “feeling the love!’


How to download the module?

Follow the steps to download the sims 4 passionate romantic interactions mod:

  • Install the cc from
  • Then, extract the zip file into your TS4 mods folder.
  • Make sure you put the file only one folder deep if you create a folder inside the mods folder.
  • Run the game!

Note: It only requires the base game and can work with patches up to – PC


Let us look at some of the exciting features of this modification that will be stored in your mods folder;


The inspiration of this interplay is taken from the S2, and the rules are simple! Your character would pinch the butts of others and end up either getting slapped or receiving a warm kiss (depending on the relationship you have with them.)

Sims 4 cuddle mod

Who doesn’t love to snuggle? Well, nobody! So, it’s time your characters experience that too. With this interplay, they can hug somebody from behind the back and give birth to three new and cute animations.

Romantic hug

What is better than a warm and long hug? Thus, this interaction listens to your deepest desire and lets you hug the other person for a long time and see five different animations too.

Note: You need 25% romantic affection for romantic hug.

Make out

There’s always a hint of intimacy in couples in real-life scenarios. So, to add that flavor into your S4 couples, this interplay makes them kiss in a loop and slide through 3 animated graphics.


Simmers can now flaunt their beloved on Simstagram and other apps by posting their beautiful pictures. With the new update, they can take adorable photos in the sky, in a hot air balloon, or cars.

They will get to choose between 12+ poses and various angles to create those “never seen before” photos!

Now, to take the selfies (either manually or automatically), they will have to choose the selfie interactions, and the hot air balloon and cars will then appear on their own. Make sure you zoom out your face when in a hot air balloon to get the perfect aerial shot.

The outcome of the interplays

  • Couples will receive a romance + friendship affection.
  • They will also get a “Feeling the love” mood buff.
  • These interactions would make your partner jealous and considered cheating if they see you enacting these with any other sim.

Future updates

There are most likely to be more additions to this module so, keep your eye on it. Some future updates are:

  • Love’s Life Reputation System
  • Attraction and Crush System
  • A lot of Romantic Interactions

What to do if the module doesn’t work correctly?

If the modification isn’t functional even after a successful installation, then;

  • Your Resource. Cfg version may be old.
  • The cc or scripts might not be enabled. They also require a restart of the game after you allow them.


What is the passionate romance mod?

Passionate romance module adds more lovable and romantic interplays for your sim and his/her love interest.

How do you use passionate romance mod?

To use the passionate romance module, you’ll first need to download this cc and then put it in the mods’ folder. Later you can access all the interactions by clicking on the passionate romance option that pops up when you click on your character.

How do I make my Sims more romantic?

You can make your sims more romantic by using the PR module.

What does passionate love mean?

Passionate love means the type of love where you long for the union of each other. Couples who are passionate, experience intense feeling of love towards each other and cannot stay apart for a long time.

How do I install passionate romance mod?

Install passionate romance modification by going to “sacrificialmods” official website and then, downloading and placing it in the mods folder (not more than 1 sub-folder deep.)


The passionate romance mod is perfect for the love birds in the game as it adds the much-needed spice. The interactions are super fun and call out for a good time with your partner. So, download it now and enjoy simming!

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