Nraas Woohooer: Know Everything about this MCCC Mod

The Nraas Woohooer mod, also known as the Sims 3 Woohoo mod, helps alter the game’s romantic system while allowing more scope for the relaxed rules as compared to the ones created by EA for Sims game. With the added traits such as scoring, elements like jealousy makes complete sense. The Sims 3 Nraas mod has also been designed to allow the teen woohoo & pregnancy compiled with the risky woohoo.

If you have plans to use this mod for unlocking the pregnancy feature for female sims that aren’t adult, or teen pregnancy, and male pregnancy, you need to have custom maternity clothes to do the same.

Types of Nraas Woohoo Modules:

Woohooer Eiffel Tower:

This particular Woohoo module by Nraas integrates and brings together the object which comprises of Eiffel Tower from the World Adventures while adding support to the Woohoo interactions. Not just that, you need additional mods to enable interactions like these.

Woohooer Hot Air Balloon:

This particular Woohooer module integrates “Hot Air Balloon” with the EA Objects along with the addition of the customized Woohoo interactions. In order to use this, you need to have your base-mod installed along with the object installed within the setup for proper operations.

Woohoo KamaSimtra:

This particular addition in the Nraas Woohoo for Sims 3 Woohoo mods is the custom skill that facilitates proper tracking of your Woohooing. It also brings together a series comprised of optional woohoo challenges that need to be completed in order to attain improved moodlets. The settings designated for this particular mod have been listed under the Woohooer menu for “Kama Simtra”.

Woohooer Massage Table:

The Woohooer Massage Table mod is a module that helps integrate the object termed as “Infinite Zen Massage Table”. It is integrated with the content object present in the EA Premium while altering all of the romanticized checks in the same. In order to operate it properly, you need to have your base-nraas mod installed along with the object integrated into the same.

Woohooer Outdoor Shower:

The Woohooer Outdoor Shower helps integrate the classic “Keep Me Clean Outdoor Shower” which is an EA Premium-based Content object that adds in Woohoo interactions. In order to successfully operate this module, you need to have base-mod installation and object installation in place.

Woohooer Sauna:

This particular Sims 4 Woohooer Sauna module integrates the classic “Steam It Up Sauna” module for the EA’s Premium object content. It replaces the custom Woohoo interactions.

Woohooer Scoring:

The Woohooer Scoring module is a package for the Woohooers that helps achieve score. In order to operate the same, you need to have a base-mod integrated into the game.

Woohooer Toilet Stall:

The Woohooer Toilet Stall mod allows the integration of toilet stalls while adding additional support for the Woohoo mod Sims 3 interactions.

Twallan’s Woohooer Mod

Contributed to the Nraas mod community by Twallan, this particular mod is dedicated to the tuning the existing mods. The file created by Twallan consists of default mods and are successful for the ones that are in need of global default setups. Unless you plan on changing the existing contents, it might be unnecessary to download or install this file.

Sims 3 Wicked Woohoo

This particular Nraas Woohoo involves everything intimate and 18+ between two sims characters that are in a relationship or indulge in sex, hanky-panky, one-night stands, and so on. It is also known as the Risky Woohoo.

Things you can find in the mod:

  • Teen pregnancy buffs
  • Possible Infertility
  • Difficulties in pregnancy
  • Varying fertility levels in sims
  • Increase in fertility chances depending on the location
  • Varying flavours for every category
  • Pregnancy test possibilities with risky/wicked woohoo
  • Different fertility levels depending on the age group
  • Fertility message, wishing well, or fertility isn’t always the guarantee for pregnancy
  • Certain traits might decrease or increase the chances of risky woohoo

You can opt for the Sims 4 risky woohoo mod download from the official website to indulge in a bit of romance, sex, and something new.

FAQs Nraas Woohooer

What does Nraas Woohooer do?

The Sims 3 Woohooer acts as a central repository meant for all kind of alterations needed for the romantic interactions present in the suite. It houses different kinds of coding which can help alter all the rules that are used by different Woohoo interactions apart from the social interactions related to the romance part.

Can you actually turn off the Woohoo in Sims 4?

When it comes to the Sims 4 Woohoo mod, you cannot disable it in any way. You cannot even see what the characters are actually doing during the woohooing process.

What are the places you can Woohoo in the Sims 3 game?

You can Woohoo in your Hot Air Balloon. Apart from that, you can do it in the:

Can the Sims character indulge in Woohoo without actually getting pregnant?

In order for the Woohoo feature to show up, the Sims need to have indulge in a kiss at least one. This means they should have used the interaction feature of “First Kiss”. This means you can opt for the WooHoo feature without actually being in a relationship or in love.