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Not So Berry Challenge | Sims 4 – Rules (2024)

Not So Berry Challenge
Not So Berry Challenge

So the first thing that comes to mind after learning about ‘not so berry challenge‘ is that what are berry sims? Berry sims are one particular type of variant of sims that are famous for their colourful body.

These sims have bright eyes, hair and skin. Their skin colour compliments their outfit.

This term was popularized by a simmer called ‘berry’ who invented this challenge.

Sims 4 Not So Berry Challenge

There are in total ten generation levels in sims 4 berry challenge cc.

Every generation is mentioned below with specific colours, aspirations, features, traits and rules. Keep reading to know more.

Not So Berry Challenge | Sims 4 - Rules

Generation One – Mint

All the important features for generation 1 are :

  • Naughty scientist
  • Favourite colour is mint green.
  • Career driven for the most part but loves playing silly pranks.
  • Hangs out with close friends
  • Care for luxury
  • Strives to find best for family and self.

Aspiration – Mischief chief
Career – Scientist

Generation One List of Rules

  • Logic skills
  • Master mischief
  • Complete your aspiration.
  • Complete collection of elements.

Generation Two: Rose

Important features of generation two are given below-

  • Child sims have everything but still want more.
  • Adult sims have commitment issues
  • Career-oriented
  • Not materialistic at all
  • Love and admiration for children

Aspiration – Serial romantic
Career – Politician
Traits – Romantic, Anger issues, bit snob

Generation Two List of Rules

  • Only have one child
  • Master-level charisma skill
  • Runaway from the wedding altar
  • Get married
  • Complete aspiration
  • Master career as a politician

Generation Three: Yellow

The generation three features are

  • Little or no relationship with mother
  • A fascination for space exploration
  • Want to reach Sixam at any cost
  • Spent a lot of child alone admiring about space

Aspiration – Nerd brain
Career – Astronaut
Traits – Loner, Ambitious and Clumsy

Generation Three List of Rules

  • Master handiness skill
  • Master career as an astronaut
  • Complete aspirations as nerd brain
  • Must build a rocket ship to fly to Sixam
  • Go to a secret lot which is located on oasis springs.
  • No close relationship with friends or family except grandparents

Generation Four: Grey

All the significant features of generation four in berry challenge base game are as follows –

  • Feels different than others
  • Needs to play basketball
  • Good at all sports
  • Dreams of becoming a professional athlete
  • No loving relationship with family
  • On the other hand, loves their children a lot.
  • Passion for singing

Aspirations- Bodybuilder
Career – Athlete
Traits – Slob, music lover, active

    Generation Four List of Rules

  • Achieve the athletic career
  • Complete your aspiration of being a bodybuilder
  • Master parenting, singing and athletic skills.
  • Almost like a friend to children
  • Go through three failed relationship before finding a spouse
  • Have a movie night every Sunday with family

Generation Five: Plum

Main features of the fifth generation are given as –

  • Good at almost everything
  • Confused while picking up a stable career
  • Have a career in the medical field for most of the life
  • Later in life, you realize that dancing is the career that you want.
  • Quit job medical field for an entertainment career
  • Indecisive kook in life.

Aspirations – Renaissance sim
Career – Doctor, Fast food business, Entertainer
Traits – Non-committal, genius, Dance Machine

         Generation Five List of Rules

  • Master dancing and two other skills of your choice.
  • Master till 8th level with all six skills in sims 4
  • Complete aspiration of becoming Renaissance sim
  • Get a divorce from your spose and then get remarried to the same sim
  • Live through at least three different worlds in life

Generation Six: Orange

The features of generation six are given as follows –

  • You will be considered as the family’s black sheep (with orange hair of course!)
  • You were raised in a complicated and chaotic household.
  • You live for the drama.
  • Although you are not an evil person
  • You like trespassing into neighbour’s home and eating food stolen from there.
  • Baking is your passion.
  • You like to spend a fair amount of time while consuming sweets.

Aspirations – Public enemy
Career – Criminal
Traits – Self- assured, Glutton, Evil

        Generation Six  List of Rules

  • Master charismatic skills and baking skills
  • Complete aspiration of the public enemy
  • Master criminal career
  • Live within the ‘NeedsTLC’ apartment as a teenager
  • Give birth to twins. You may use cheat for achieving that
  • No one believes that you are a bad person

Generation seven: Pink

The seventh generation has the following features –

  • You belong to a low-income family and live off of paychecks.
  • You are like your parents in the area of work.
  • Fear of quitting your job is stopping you from writing a fantastic romance novel.
  • You are a practical person.
  • You realize the fact that the career scope as a writer is slim.
  • You work at a 9 to 5 desk job.
  • After becoming an adult, you finally decide to pursue your dreams.
  • You are a hopeless romantic
  • Finding love seems impossible because of your unflirty nature.

Aspiration – Bestselling author
Career – Business
Traits – Unflirty, Naive, creative

          Generation seven List of Rules

  • Complete your postcard collection
  • Master the art of wellness and writing skills
  • Complete your aspiration of becoming a best seller author one day
  • Have a beautiful garden in your backyard
  • Quit your job to follow your dreams

Generation Eight: Peach

The primary features of the eighth generation are as follows :

  • Got inspired to follow their dreams because of their mother.
  • Want to work as a detective
  • Also aim to become a stand-up comedian.
  • You work as a detective in the daytime and as a comedian at night.
  • You are on track to achieve everything you ever wanted

Aspiration – Joke star
Career – Detective
Traits – Lazy, Foodie, Goofball

          Generation Eight List of Rules

  • You have to marry your coworker
  • Must learn to play some instrument
  • Master comedy skills and gourmet cooking
  • Master detective career
  • Must live in a different world than where sim had been raised.

Generation Nine: Green

The features of the ninth generation of not so berry challenge include –

  • You get busted while hacking one of the popular tech companies in the sim simulation.
  • They are impressed and offer you a position in the firm.
  • You are very much like Penelope Garcia from criminal minds.
  • A complete workaholic
  • Though do you enjoy a good work-life balance.
  • You work hard and then play hard. Party, till 3 am only to go to work at 6, am

Aspiration – Computer whiz
Career – Tech guru
Traits – Geek, squeamish, cheerful

Generation Nine List of rules

  • Master all the programming skills and video games
  • Complete your aspiration of being a computer whiz
  • Master your career goal of becoming a tech guru
  • Accept all invitations to the parties and social events.
  • Have at least five good friends as well as enemies

Generation tenth: Blue

All the features of the tenth generation are given below –

  • You have a perfect life.
  • Completed with a loving spouse, white fence surroundings your beautiful home and loving children
  • On the flip side, you have a secret affair which gives you a lot of regrets.
  • You put your everything on stake to protect your marriage.
  • You never admit allegations regarding your affair.
  • You are a dedicated mother who put heart and soul into raising perfect children.

Aspirations – Super parent
Careers – Critic
Traits – Perfectionist, Gloomy, Family oriented

        Generation tenth List of Rules

  • Adopt at least one child
  • Master skills of cooking, photography and painting as well.
  • Master your career of being a critic
  • Master your aspiration of becoming a perfect mother to your children
  • Marry your high school sweetheart and live with then until death
  • Have a one-time secret affair with someone while being married to your spouse aka your high school sweetheart.

Not So Berry Challenge Rules

There is a list of rules and regulations that must be followed while choosing this challenge in Sims 4.

You must consider all the factors and abide by a specific set of rules, which are given below :

  • Every heir needs to represent each generation’s colours, for example, makeup, clothing, or hair. Although brightly coloured sims are not necessary.
  • Colours of the spouse’s skin do not matter as they are actually not part of the challenge.
  • But always keep in mind that if it has been specifically mentioned that you need to consider the spouse’s colour, then you can do anything you want with them.
  • You can opt to use the ‘Freerealestate’ to get your first home in Sims 4. Players also get to use money cheats.
  • You may live wherever your sim desires, but this will change a specific regulation related to living areas that have been listed under your particular generation.
  • Unless stated otherwise, each generation is obligated to complete aspirations as told by their heir.

What Do The Colors Represent In Not So Berry Challenge?

Most of the colours in ‘not so berry challenge’ has a hidden meaning behind them. All these colours represent a certain set of emotions and activities. Some of them are listed down below-

  • Red – This colour scheme is oriented towards self. Red gives off the essence of natural self-serving.
  • Yellow – Yellow tends to represent the notion of community and society.
  • Green – Green is the colour of healing. In this colour, range sims become selfless and helpful to other people.
  • Blue – In the not so berry challenge, the colour blue represents curiosity, knowledge and wisdom.
  • Purple – Purple represents a sense of passion. These sims are particularly attracted to art and music.

Lilsime Not So Berry: Starting Conditions

  • Rags to riches – With this one, you have the opportunity of your very first generation of a wealthy empire. You will first have to move an empty lot and then use cheats to set the money level to $0.
  • Free Real Estate – This cheat allows you to buy your first house in the sim world. Although you won’t be allowed to use money cheats later in the game.
  • Standard – No cheats are allowed in this starting condition. You have to begin the game normally with the money given to you by the game itself.
  • Motherlode – You get to use as much money as you want with the help of cheats by using this starting condition.


 The sims 4 not so berry challenge focuses on bright colours and creating a brand new experience for simmers.

This mod is better than any mod available in terms of aesthetic and challenges.

Read the article above to know more about this 10 level challenge.

As the article stated in one of the paragraphs, Rags to riches is an exciting mod which takes turns and twists as you progress through it.

You definitely do not want to miss this one.

Happy simming!

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