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Lucky Hole Mine Fallout 76 (Guide) 2023

Lucky Hole Mine Fallout 76

Fallout 76 lucky hole mine is a video game developed by Bethesda. 

The fo76Lucky Hole mine is an old gold mine utilized by Appalachian traffickers. The Land mine shuts due to a lack of supplies. The cultists developed the pit in a secret holy place. You can find three cabins and various apparatus at the Lucky Hole quarry. The game’s significant treasure includes the Future magazine, Power Armor, Blade, and other items. 

The Lucky Hole Mine is a site in Appalachia’s Western Boundary area.


The Lucky Hole Corporation was the initial owner of the facility. Charles obtained a glimpse from the purple-eyed Mothman alerting him of the approaching threat before the explosives dropped, and the Mothman escorted Charles and his troops to the hole.

Employees get harassed by supporters of the Society of the Mothman and an older lady. [1] The game forces the copper quarry to close after its supplies deplete. Shortly, the fanatics were able to settle in the deeper levels. [2] The group then turned the site into a religious center.

While the group escaped the Revolutionary War down in the mining company, safe from radioactivity, some of its adherents “went to harsher devotion,” fracturing the group due to the presence of an entity known as the Interloper. According to legend, the Interloper flowed from its limbs and generated a stream to nourish its worshippers. Those who supported the purple-eyed Wise Mothman became known as the Enlightened, whereas those who supported the red-eyed Mothman became known as the Dim Ones.

While it was safer to rise after the fallout, several of Charles’ companions recognized the dangers that awaited them in the wasteland and sought to retreat to the tunnel. Still, Charles urged them not to, stating that security was past the mountains they had experienced. Charles and his companions escaped Appalachia and West Virginia, ultimately established in the Lantern, a chapel. Charles rose through the ranks of the Enlightened, earning the admiration of his peers.

Jeff Lane, a Mothman devotee, arrived at the site at an undetermined period and chose to serve the Interloper, too, though.

Fallout 76 lucky hole mine
Fallout 76 lucky hole mine


It makes up the façade of the Lucky Hole Mine fa < UNK> ade of commercial facilities, various equipment and trucks, deserted cottages with improvised mattresses, and a runway covering the mine’s opening.

The tunnel entrance leads to an organizing point with a mattress and dining stations upstairs, a powered armor workstation in the storage area beneath, and wardrobe facilities stocked with other mining-related items. The game discovers  Lead and crystalline ore throughout the quarry, exploiting metal ore and crystalline ore. The next hallway goes to a crossroads, where hallways split out to the conservative and liberal.

The gamer must proceed through the right hand passage because the left hand hallway is blocked by a locked barrier shut from the opposite side. The meandering course finally comes to an end at another crossroads. The southernmost path goes to a mine tunnel that ends in an eastern hallway to the gloomy church. The “shrine” is a platform and a casket containing the group’s priestess’s body. Behind it, a big sculpture sat in the center of a tiny pool of waters, in front of a cyclopean statue encased in rock and rotted over the generations.

The region behind the waterfalls is approachable by the short passage that flees from the church, the first on the right side, after retreating through it. The concealed hallway on the right goes to the science experiment and the steamship luggage, which covers vegetation.

The game discovers another hidden passage from the entrance connecting to the chem lab. It opens to what seems to be a funeral room, with a species known as the Interloper stretched out in front of five giant statues, huge statuary heads on the ceiling, and numerous bones, bodies, and weaponry strewn about the monster.

A closed safety gate is on the other end, returning to the hallway. The password is 238963, and it may be discovered on a fisherman’s cache notes in the cabin closest to the mine’s entrance. Multiple duffel suitcases contain pre-war cash as well as weapon ammunition.

Notable loot

Remarks and holotypes

Above the underground, in the timber cottage nearest to the quarry entry, is a pirate’s stockpile on a steel bench.

  • According to the letter located on a table to the right as you approach the pit, he accepts.
  • The Chosen – Holotape can be discovered adjacent to a sleeping bag on a high platform near the entryway.
  • His birth – note was discovered beside two tents on a hardwood box further into the pit.
  • Message on a desk in advance of a red closed-door midway into the underground, his lifeblood.
  • Mention: His house is east of the closed red doorway, with a gas lantern and two-story rugs.
  • His springs – note the pond beside the burning lights higher inside the cave.
  • His Priestess – Note the casket sacrifice atop the major cult member temple at the mine works terminus.


The game finds Three possible outcomes: Vault-Tec bobbleheads on the lower lip of the blackboard in the mine’s concealed chem labs.

  • You can find things on the steel chair with the flask in the concealed chem lab near the blackboard.
  • You can find things on top of a computer center in the secret chem lab.
  • Potential magazine – you can find it on the pulpit in the mine’s killed corridor, near the major fundamentalist shrine with the seats.
  • Inside a locked area that you can reach by walking upwards and jumping off the top of the balcony is a powered armor component.

Other loots

  • Cultist blade
  • Rituals bindings
  • Cultist daggers 
  • Ritual mask 
  • Lucky hole key 
  • Lead ore
  • Crystal ore
Fallout 76 lucky hole mine
Fallout 76 lucky hole mine

Fallout 76 Lucky Hole Mine guide for location,Keypad & Secret

Best Fallout 76 Lucky Hole Mine Location

You can find the Lucky Hole in Appalachia in Fallout 76. It’s in the Savage Divide’s South Rocky mountains. Lucky Hole Mine is a great place to go if you try to appear threatening.

 You can find Scary Clown to the southwest of Independence Castle.

FO76 Lucky Hole Mine Code

The game finds the Sealed Safety Gate while investigating the Lucky Hole Mine keypad. You can find the entrance somewhere in the Basement. One of the Cabins has the password to open the Closed Gate. On a Smuggler’s Cache Card, the passcode is 238963.

 A Keycode Combined Locksmith is used to secure the gate.

Fallout 76 Lucky Hole Mine Monster

Tunnel Workers, Humanity Hunters, Radiates outward Creatures, and Ogres inhabit the Happy Holes Mines. The Church of the Only Offspring Of Timber Beast, which you can find below Lucky Hole Mine, is a terrorist movement. Cannibalism is by far the most terrifying of the Scary Creatures. To replenish Appetite, they consume people, Tunnel Mining, and Zombies. Mental hospitals are Resistance Fort’s insane and horrifying creatures.

Fallout 76 Secret Tentacle Monster

Death and burning lights encircle the hidden tentacles of Creature. It frequents the monument. The game surrounds a Tentacle Monster by a temple in the southeast corner of the map. You can find the eerie memorial at the base of Lucky Hole Mine.

Fallout 76 Lucky Strike

Fallout 76’s Lucky Strikes the mission. Get the proper instruments and begin drilling and excavating the place. The task completes after you have Bulk. To create anything, you’ll need copper, cement, platinum, and so on.

The Lucky Blow Adventure begins with the user viewing charts. A map is acquired from the dispenser U-my-It.

With the digger-powered armor, each run yields roughly 420 silver ore. My final round with mega fantastic resulted in a 1650 lead.

Where is the lucky hole mine in Fallout 76?

Lucky Hole Mine is a map in Fallout 76. The Lucky Hole Mine is situated in the rugged Savage Divide area of Fallout 76’s Appalachia, much further to the continent’s south. It’s just southwest of Fort Defiance, where you can get a Killer Joker Helmet if you want to look as frightening as the Lucky Holes Mine’s supplies.

You may easily deduce there’s something unusual happening at Lucky Bottom by visiting the connections surrounding the pit’s perimeter. Strangers had been abusing the employees there, and they finally took control. According to the holotypes, a weird cult believes that a mystery guest known as “the Interloper” is lurking in the pit and that this hardwood deity is calling adherents to adore him.

You’ll ultimately come across an area with several lifeless bones, bizarre ceremonial sculptures, and a monstrous Cthulhu-like tentacles creature spreading its tentacles through the earth as you progress through the underground. It is the monster that this sect revered and, apparently, sacrificed their lives to defend.


What is the code for the door in Lucky Hole Mine?

If you’ve been investigating, you’ve undoubtedly come across a closed safety checkpoint with a keycode combo locking somewhere within the tunnel. You can find the password to this door on a Smuggler’s cache letter within one of the cabins. The password is 238963, in case you overlooked it in the fallout 76 lucky hole mine.

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