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Lana CC Finds – All Custom Content (Sims 4 CC, Hair, Worlds, Cheats) 2024

Lana CC Finds – All Custom Content
Lana CC Finds

Lana CC Finds is one of the most sought-after websites for Sims 4 mods. All the creators bring in their creativity in the mods that they post and it enhances the quality and experience of the game. This article compiles a list of all the mods that Lana CC Finds consists of for you to choose and add to your gaming experience. Some of these mods might also be compatible with Lana CC Finds Sims 3.

Best Lana CC Finds Mods

1. Beadie


This mod allows you to change your sim’s hairstyle, which we know can make a huge difference in their appearance. Here are its features – 

  1. 24 swatches
  2. Compatible with the base game
  3. All LODs, is not HAT compatible, all maps, 8k Poly
  4. No strands version available

2. Top CU01

Top CU01

If you’re in search of some cute t-shirts, then you need to download this mod asap! These outfits are for children of both genders. Its features are as follows – 

  1. 15 swatches
  2. Base game compatibility
  3. New mesh
  4. HQ Mod available

3. Painfellz Top Whimp

Painfellz Top Whimp By Whimp1337

In love with grunge look? Then you’d definitely love this mod that offers you crop tops with a grunge look. So here are its characteristics – 

  1. All LODs
  2. Top 18
  3. HQ Mod
  4. EA

4. Top No.46

Top No.46

This is another mod in the Lana finds cc, focusing on female clothes, and we’re not complaining! There are several options to choose from along with other features, such as – 

  1. 8 colors
  2. New mesh, all LODs
  3. All texture maps
  4. Compatible with HQ
  5. Custom thumbnail

5. Rockerfeller House

Rockerfeller House

With this module, you can improve your house and residential lots to a whole other level. Its price is $119 836, and some other features are – 

  1. Size – 40×30
  2. 2 bedrooms
  3. 2 bathrooms

6. Aloe Summer Leggings

Aloe Summer

As the name of the mod suggests, this module would offer you some cool leggings that are perfect for the summer. Here is all that it has to offer – 

  1. For toddler girls
  2. Four design varieties
  3. Aloe colored

7. Denver Nursery

Denver Nursery

If your sim is expecting a child, then this mod would be really useful. With this module, you can create a beautiful nursery for your child. Let’s take a look at its characteristics – 

  1. Available in 20 Culpepper House Apartment in San Myshuno
  2. 5×6 room
  3. $8,696
  4. Medium height of the wall

8. Subtle Eyebrows N14

Subtle Eyebrows N14

This is one of the favorite mod of simmers because of its wide variety. You can now make more changes in your sim’s appearance by modifying their eyebrows. It offers the following things – 

  1. 32 color options: black, brown, blonde, natural, platinum, grey, burgundy, orange, red, white, etc.
  2. For toddlers, children, teens, young, adults, and elders of both genders
  3. HQ mod available

9. Mercury Storage

Mercury Storage

Another excellent mod if you’re in need of furniture space. The furniture pieces are beautiful and will fit right into your house. There’s a wide range of furniture options that it offers, and they are – 

  1. cabinet
  2. vintage platters
  3. vases
  4. old clock
  5. mixing bowls
  6. canisters
  7. cake stands
  8. square platters
  9. rectangular platters
  10. mixed dishes
  11. small bowls
  12. storage boxes
  13. shabby crate

10. Modern Luxury House 46

Modern Luxury House 46

Similar to the Rockerfeller House mod, this module also provides modern luxury houses and lots, and it’d be perfect for your family. 

  1. kitchen
  2. dining room
  3. living room
  4. 3 bathrooms
  5. 2 bedrooms
  6. office
  7. wardrobe
  8. swimming pool
  9. Terrace

11. Kd Joggers

Kd Joggers

All male simmers, here’s a mod for you. You can now have cool joggers with this module. 

  1. 10 colors
  2. HQ Mod compatibility 

12. Lipstick N77

Lipstick N77

This mod is my favorite because it allows you to change your sims’ lip shades. 

  1. 18 lip colors
  2. HQ Compatible
  3. CAS thumbnail

13. Tiny Living Dining Room

Tiny Living Dining Room

You’ll get all the essential things that come with a dining room set, and that includes, table, chair, wall shelf with and without decoration, cereal bowl, coffee cup, cutlery holder, crockery holder, jug, milk jug, 2 plants.

14. Careyes Liv & Din Set

Careyes Liv & Din Set

This one’s a fun mod because it offers you a beach-style house with vibrant colors. There are 44 items in this mod, including 2 palm roofs. Other things that this module offers are –

  1. Modular sofa + wallpaper
  2. 15 texture tier for pro users
  3. 20+ texture tier for VIPs

15. Hair Error, Mito, Ash And We Ride

Hair Error, Mito, Ash And We Ride

Now you can change your sim’s haircut as well, but only in short hairstyles. It’s applicable to both men and women. 

  1. 40 short unisex hairstyles 
  2. Includes hat chops
  3. HQ compatible


These were all the Lana CC Finds Sims 4  that you can now incorporate in your game into make it more life-like and exciting. The creators of these mods keep adding more to the list, and we’d keep updating you about the same so that your gaming experience can stay up-to-date. All these mods are worth considering, and let us know which one’s your favorite.

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