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Kawaiistacie Mods | Traits – CC | Download – 2024

Kawaiistacie Mods
Kawaiistacie Mods

Kawaiistacie mods are one of the many reasons why people are attracted to this game. You can’t imagine Sims without modules, the way you can’t think of peanut butter without jelly.

The word “kawaii” means custom content in Japanese; therefore, Stacie’s modder name is “Kawaiistacie” as she is the mind behind the kawaii Sims 4 cc.

Sims 4 kawaiistacie modules

This list would provide you various sims 4 custom contents, and some might even be unknown to you.

Kawaiistacie Mods | Traits - CC
sims 4 kawaiistacie mods

Festival esplanade

This sims 4 modification is all about fun and festivities. The festive theme would change according to the seasons, and you’d come across other characters generated by the mod. You can even control the festival’s time and enjoy it with another character from 9 am to midnight.

Full furnished kawaii set

A house is incomplete without the right furniture. Therefore, this module provides you with fully furnished homes unlike some other mods, and you can choose whichever one suits your taste. A house is representative of your status, so choose carefully.

100 babies

The famous 100 babies challenge gives rise to this modific wherein the sims can start a family and raise kids of their own. They can even have children out of wedlock. But if the player, male or female, who’s giving birth dies, then the spouse or the partner must take responsibility for the child. Babies would ensure a healthy and happy relationship by increasing your buffs.

Explore mod

The explore module saves you from the monotonous and boring activities that you repeat every single day. Its like you’re stuck in a time loop and no one likes that, so the Sims 4 explore mod is the answer to your prayers. Numerous exciting activities such as shopping, gambling, visiting hospitals, and so on are just a click away

Your sim would leave the lot for a few hours and return with a happy mood, new buffs, skills and whatnot. However, to enjoy all the perks that accompany this mod, you’d require certain packs. Another prerequisite is that your character should have a driver’s license or a bus pass to travel, which they can acquire from a DMV or transportation center.

Fall/winter lipsticks

Those sims who love styling themselves and are a fashionista would love this mod. It offers you Fall/Winter essence lipsticks, and each lip shade is obtainable in two swatches (light and dark color) along with three shades, which is a total of six swatches.

Drinkable pouches for humans

This mod is available for vampires and humans, both. You can locate it in the build and buy mode. You’d find a drinking pouch in your inventory with plasma for vampires and milk for humans. Its purpose is to cater to your hunger needs and minimizes your bladder needs. There’d be two kinds of pouches provided, and they’d enhance your buffs as well.

Tea lover

I use this mod the most because it allows your persona to relax and unwind by making a cup of tea. They can also make tasty baristas. No matter how bad a day they had, this choice would always lighten them up. And another advantage is that it adds to your buffs.

Singer trait

One of the kawaii stacie mods extends to you the opportunity to follow your passion for singing. The mood of these characters is dependent on singing, and they even encourage others in life. Their learning speed, for the same, would be faster than other skills. But if they strain their vocal cords, they might damage them. As with all the different options, this one also increases their buffs and improves their relationships.


To make your virtual life more realistic, use this feature. It would cause random breakouts on your persona’s face, making them feel uneasy when others react to this. Choose the packages for your sims attentively, along with the attributes. Blend soaks, and mud can cure their acne instantly. They also elevate your buffs.

Basketball characteristic

Your player could be the next Jordan as basketball is more than a hobby for them, and if they don’t play it, they feel bored. Therefore, to keep them energetic, let them master this sport and fitness proficiencies as they have a natural talent for it.

You’d gain fame in the neighborhood due to your excellence in basketball; however, they might come across embarrassing videos of them on the internet and feel negative. If you have this module, no one would be able to match your status and reputation.


Kawaii Stacie Sims 4 offers various types of appearances, which are as follows

  • Handsome – This feature is only for male characters who become the most popular and good-looking players, and everyone wishes to know you. This gives you a chance to build healthy relationships with others and enhance your buffs too.
  • Beautiful – This trait is similar to the first one, but it’s mainly for female sims who wish to look gorgeous. Every other character flocks around them, looking for an opportunity to become their friends. Thus, they can build good relations quite quickly than others. A rise in buffs is also one of its benefits. Since eyes are the window to a person’s soul, so to attract more sims, why not have double eye colour?
  • Hideous – Those who don’t want to follow these conventional appearances can go for this trait wherein your persona would look ugly and funny. The objective behind it is to add the aspect of entertainment; however, these sims aren’t able to form relationships quickly as others ignore them. But their buffs still grow large.

Other kawaiistacie Sims 4 modifics

Here are some more kawaii Stacie Sims 4 modules that add vibrancy and thrill to the gameplay.

  • Coffee lover
  • Fishermen
  • After school activities
  • Memorable events
  • Switch streaming
  • Resorts and hotels
  • Mocha fridge
  • Showtime
  • The life decider

The list continues, but these are some of the best modifics you’d encounter in the game.


These kawaiistacie mods make our virtual life more comfortable and exciting because the custom content brings various new flavors to the storyline making it more authentic and lucrative. Those of you, who have recently started playing the game, try out these modules, and you won’t regret it.

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