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Invisible Crib Mod Sims 4 (Download) 2022

Getting a baby is a very welcoming and rewarding feeling for parents. Looking at your flesh and blood playing around and inherently smiling fills a parent with joy and fulfillment. That is why a parent will do anything to ensure their baby sleeps easily at night and wakes up to a better tomorrow every day. If you are looking to go higher on taking care of your baby every day, then we have got the mod just for you. 

In the base game, you will need a crib to place your baby, you cannot just put them on any surface. That is why the invisible cribs mod sims 4 is just the thing you need to make the surfaces you place life-like rather than just them floating in mid-air; well, it will look like that in most cases. In this article, we will look at the invisible cribs mod in sims 4 and see what benefit you can derive from it.

Sims 4 invisible crib mod

The sims 4 invisible crib makes the crib itself invisible. Therefore, if you place the crib anywhere and make it transparent, it will look like the baby is resting on that surface. In most cases, the baby will look like it has been on a surface, but sometimes, it will look like it is floating in mid-air. There has not been a tweak for that problem yet.

You might have noticed that we also gave an alternate link for the invisible bassinet. Therefore if you prefer the bassinet instead of a crib, you can go for that download. We will show you how to download the mod since the installation process for any mod works similarly. Firstly we will be looking at the sims 4 invisible crib mod.

Sims 4 invisible crib mod

Note – You can only have one invisible crib/bassinet in the game; both mods cannot co-exist, so download the best ones that suit your needs. 

Invisible Crib

The cribs are an essential part of keeping your baby, and they are just the most convenient. But the base game does not have any system in which you can keep the baby on any surface. That is why players came up with this transparent/invisible crib that looks like the babies are kept on actual surfaces from the top angle.

There are two visible anchors present on the cribs, which are two grey-colored points. The players can use these points to move the crib around to suit their fancy and make it so that it can camouflage over various areas. Let us look at the multiple features this invisible crib provides us with.

  • You can use three options for this crib, one with a transparent one we discussed with a fully operational crib.
  • You can buy this crib from the Build/Buy section before the baby is born; the game will automatically give you a crib if the baby is born, however.
  • The awesome thing is that if you already have a crib and a baby before you download this mod, it will be replaced by this one after download.
  • Although this mod only replaces the base game cribs and not ones from other add-ons

This crib mod is compatible with the current version of the game, and it has more than 100,000 downloads. It is made by a popular modder called Severinka, who is popular among the mod community and makes all kinds of mods.

Invisible Bassinet with Three colors and Alien Sim Compatibility

A bassinet is smaller than a crib but has a lot of utility since some come with toys to play with. This particular mod has three different variants, and one is a transparent one that turns invisible. There is a bear-shaped visual anchor, which you can use to identify where the crib is kept if it is invisible.  After downloading this mod, you will find four folders; the breakdown of those folders is given below.

  • Main baby folder – This folder is required for all types of cribs and includes the basic bassinet as a decorative item
  • RoM add-on – This rom add-on lets the spellcaster babies be born in those invisible cribs. The anchor bears are still present, enabling you to identify the crib correctly.
  • Vamp Babies – When they are born, vamp babies will automatically be placed in the invisible bassinets; the anchors will remain like the RoM add-on.
  • Alien Babies – Alien babies are also placed in the invisible bassinets when they are born, but the same issue persists for the others.

These little changes are most of the features that this mod gives the players; it will help you use the space of the bassinet better.

Download Process

If you have not downloaded any mod before, it is very straightforward to download this one. If you know how to download mods, you can skip this step. Firstly, click on the mod and find the one you need to download, the rib or the bassinet. After downloading the mod, open it in a folder. You need to download Winrar or 7zip; these unpackers will help you extract the files packed in a folder.

After downloading the mod, right-click on it and extract it from the sims 4 mod folder. For most of the players, it will follow this sequence of folders:  Documents > Electronics Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods folder. After you extract it from the mod folder, open the game and enable mods. Restart the game, and you should be good to go. 

How do you use the invisible crib in Sims 4?

The mods are an override for the base game crib. That is why downloading and installing this mod will automatically give you the invisible crib when a baby is born. If you already have a baby, this mod will replace the bassinet that you already have.

How do you get rid of an invisible crib Sims 4?

In the mods that we covered earlier, an option makes the crib invisible/transparent. To get rid of this, you can change the color of the crib to some other swatch that will eliminate that invisible crib. You can also download additional crib mods and replace them with this invisible one to get rid of.


The invisible cribs mod sims 4 is only useful in certain situations if you want to make things look realistic. There is limited use to every crib-related mod, which is why you should download these two mods that will give you the ability to make your crib invisible. Happy swimming!

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