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Go To School Mod For The Sims 4 (Download) 2023

Go To School Mod For The Sims 4
Go To School Mod

The Sims go to school mod is one of the mods that is quite exciting and is somewhat of a necessity when playing the game. There were several things that the simmers weren’t a fan of, but this mod has been improved upon a lot since its launch in 2015.

New features have been added to it to make it more interesting for the players. Earlier, when your child or teen sims went to school, they’d disappear down a rabbit hole for a few hours and then return when the school ended.

However, the updated Sims 4 version of the mod allows you to interact and control your sims even when they are in school. 

This article will talk about all the features of this mod and why it’s essential to download it. 

Sims Go To School Mod

Sims Go To School Mod Features

The basic idea behind TS4 go to school mod created by Zerbu, is that the child and teen sims complete goals in school that would improve their grade. Without the mod, you won’t be able to follow your sim to the school. There are numerous features that is mod offers, and they are – 

1. Classrooms

Classrooms would be more realistic, like in the real world, and sims can study with other sims. An NPC teacher would teach them. 

2. School Employees

There’d be teachers, a principal, a janitor, and a school counselor.

3. New Venues

Elementary and High Schools are available for sims, and you must place these buildings near you for them to work. 

4. Subjects

There are five subjects: Personal Development, Problem Solving, Creative Arts, Health and Fitness, and Science and Technology. They’d be taught a different subject every day. 

5. Favorite Subjects

Sims can choose their favorite and unfavorite subjects from the “Declare Subject” pie menu and receive positive or negative moodlets based on the subject. If you want to change your sim’s liked subjects, then visit the counselor to “Undeclare Subjects.”

6. Lunch Break

Once your sims complete enough activity goals, you can call for a lunch break where they can socialize with other sims.

7. Special Opportunities

Elementary school sims can have special opportunities from the Principal, and once they are complete, they’d receive a student Emblem. They can redeem this emblem for rewards that would double the boost rate of some of the adult skills. 

8. Guest Speaker

On some days, instead of the teacher, guest speakers from sims pursuing doctor, detective, and scientist careers would come to school.

9. Pass on Knowledge

Sims with level 6 in any skill or level 5 in minor skills can pass on their knowledge to random people through new social interactions. 

10. Teach a class

When sims reach level 8, they can teach an entire class using the podium.

11. 2 new aspirations

Your sim can start with any one aspiration to serve the community and receive the Human Library Reward Trait, which would allow you to use social interactions at level 4. Becoming a Renowned Teacher would acquire you the Teacher’s Handbook Trait, so sims can teach classes at level 2 only. Your sim can also become a Knowledge Pixie and gain the Tutor Trait, which would increase their ability to share knowledge through social interactions. 

How to Use The TS4 School Mod?

Here’s how you can make the school mod work in Sims 4. 

  • Add the two venues, the Elementary and High School building, somewhere in your game for it to work. Without it, your sim won’t be able to go to school. You can either get these venues from the gallery or create your own. 
  • One of the issues that you might face while placing the venue from the gallery is that the game might not recognise it instantly, because of which you wouldn’t be able to follow your sims to school. You can fix this by changing your lot to a random type, exiting the build mode, entering it again, and changing your lot type once more. 

There are other common issues that the simmers might face, so here’s how you can solve those. 

  • Whenever the staff members are standing outside, make sure that all the custom objects, such as the podium and NPC stickers, are on the lot. 
  • When using a venue from the gallery, search for Elementary School or High School as the lot type in the gallery filter, and check the “Include custom content” option. These lots should work if you choose the one made for this lot, but sometimes there might be some lots that don’t work. 
  • You might come across bugs even after the game has been updated, so report them. 
  • Place the objects as close to each other as possible so that your sims can complete their goals quickly. 
  • Go to School mod clashes with Kawaistacie’s “Better School” mod, so make sure you don’t download both the mods.


The Sims Go to School mod is perfect for every sim because it offers both elementary and high school education. So a child sim, as well as a teen sim, can attend school.

This mod is a much better option than the base game school feature, which doesn’t allow the simmers to be involved in their sim’s education, and all they can do is wait for them to return. Since it’s necessary for your sim to complete its goals,

it’s better if you don’t opt out of sending your sim to school or from using this mod. We hope this article gave you an insight into the new features and changes that this mod offers so that you can use this mod to its full potential. 

Happy swimming!

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