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15+ Best Fallout 4 Companions: Affinity (Guide) 2024

Companions are essential to have, both in-game and in real life. Maintaining a relationship with your close ones and allies should not be too tricky in the game, but many factors will stop you in real life. Social anxiety, awkwardness, lack of a perfect social setting, and more. Many people play Fallout to see how relationships are shaped in the post-apocalyptic world.

The fallout 4 affinity system lets you know what companions like, dislike, or idolize you. Of curse, it just doesn’t stop there. The system incorporates your actions and decisions and forms various people’s opinions around you. That is why today we will be taking a deep dive into the fallout 4 affinity system to see the benefits they have in gameplay.

Fallout 4 Affinity

Affinity is a companion mechanic that is enhanced by how you behave, act and do things with your permanent companions in-game. The affinity system might seem complicated initially, but we promise that if you follow this guide, you will understand everything piece by piece. First, we need to know that the affinity system gives your character special perks by making them interact with other specific characters in the game.

By increasing the level of your relationship with that character, you will get various passive buffs, increasing your combat efficiency. This article will study everything those companions like/dislike, so you know what action to take when you are with/ without them. Firstly we will discuss the names, affinity, and what they like/dislike. 

Fallout 4 Affinity System

The affinity system is simple, like the telltale games, with specific actions that your character does will either have a positive or a negative effect on the companions. After this section, we will cover which actions positively and negatively affect each companion. There is a total of 1000 affinity points to be earned from the system. 

Plus, it is not just that, the companionships have various stages which are based on the affinity points you acquire, the last one that reaches upto romance, but that only involves certain characters. Although if an affinity level reaches past 500, the companions will admire you; however, if you can get the affinity past 1000, you can unlock specific hidden dialogue. Let us see what those stages are. 

Relationship StatusAffinityReaction
Infatuation1000Companion Idolizes you
Admiration500Companion Admires you
Neutral0Companion Tolerates you
Hatred-1000Companion Hates you

There is no way to find out how much affinity you have with a companion. Still, there is a mod in which you can. We will cover that after the affinity change section. 

You can also modify this affinity by using an affinity-sized scalar. You can ca_affinity cheat using the commands we are listing down below.

Firstly, you need to open the console and the numbers presented to you; according to those, you will get affinity. That is why, first need to open the companion affinity console command box to get the required results. We will use an affinity chart to get multiple companions and how their affinity ranks up. The companion affinity cheat code will be covered after this mod.

CA_Size_Normal 1

There is a way to passively earn affinity points when the companion simply travels with the Sole Survivor. 

 Now, you can expect four reactions from a companion based on the like and dislike of a particular act. You can see companion levels in the above chart. 

ReactionAffinity Change
Companion liked that +15 affinity points
Companion loved that+35 affinity points
Companion disliked that-15 affinity points
Companion hated that -35 affinity points.

How do you get strong affinity in Fallout 4?

You can use the cheat we provide you in the next section or this method. Fast travel to various locations and fight people; repeat this step and keep doing it. This will help increase affinity with the companions.

How to set affinity in Fallout?

This section will look at how you can set fallout 4 affinity; it is pretty simple. All you have to do is open the console and type setav ca_affinity 999. After that, you just need to do something that will bring your companion’s affinity to 1000+.

Can you check affinity fallout 4?

Can you check affinity in fallout 4? Yes, but you cannot set affinity to your own choices in mods, but you can check how much affinity you have with each given companion with this mod. All you need to do is download and install it on your computer. Let us see which mod it is.

Visible Companion Affinity Mod

Visible Companion Affinity Mod

The tagline of this mod is that “it is simple, it is effective, and it is something that you have been missing from the start,” and it is true. It might be something that should be considered trivial at best but does an excellent job of providing value if you want to romance one of the companions.

There are many features this mod gives you, along with the ability to check affinity to various characters, which is why you might want to click on the download link and check out the description of the mod for more information.

Fallout 4 Companions

There are thirteen total companions you can get in this game, but there are a couple of catches. The first is that only some of them are romanceable, and they are permanent. There are many ways in which you can affect companion affinity in fallout 4. You will find many temporary ones, but the ones we are about to discuss will stick with you forever. These companions will provide certain perks when you reach a certain level, and there are unique likes and dislikes for each.

It is straightforward to increase companion affinity because simple commands influence it. Let us discuss each companion and how they affect your gameplay. We will also see various fo4 companions on how they will help you. Affinity perks will help you get the best out of combat. 

To reach max affinity, continue to do things that your companion likes. 

1. Cait


To say that Cait is feisty is a severe understatement since she is a trigger-happy soldier with an addiction to all things bad, including the player if they behave that way.

Cait grew up in an Irish household and has been cage fighting in the Combat Zone when you find her.

You might feel she is a bit rude or conniving, but she’s a broken girl beneath that.

She eventually warms up to the player, but you should also keep an eye on her likes and dislikes, so the situations do not go too out of hand. 

Her companion perk is Trigger Rush, which lets the Player’s action skill regenerate 50 percent faster, when the player is below 25 action points.

If you manage the clear the Combat Zone, Cait will be unlocked as your companion. Let us look at her likes and dislikes to get a clear idea of how to increase her affinity toward the MC. Basically, she likes doing bad stuff, alright?

Lock Picking (Both Owned and others)Cannibalism
Let’s PocketingMurdering NPCs
Being Violent and Selfish (Yes, Both)Being generous, mean, and peaceful (odd, we know)
Being Naked (yes)Chem use and addiction after quests(we know, we know)
Chem use and addiction (before quests)Giving items to the ones asking after the quest
Giving items to the ones asking before the questHelping the Minutemen
Helping the BrotherhoodHelping the Railroad folks

2. Codsworth


Ah yes codsworth, your good old reliable and friendly robot! Here to treat you in the best way that he can. This guy can be found at the beginning of the game, and after you come out of the fallout shelter, there is no need to make extra effort to find him. 

We will look at many companion perks, although his companion perk is Robot Sympathy which grants 10+ resistance from energy attacks from Robots. Granted, this attack perk is very situational and does not do much to the overall setting of the game, but Codsworth’s leveling is easy, too so. The relationship console commands will help you determine how much affinity you have with him.

Armor ModificationsMurdering NPCs
Weapon ModificationsLockpicking
Healing DogmeatSpeech checks for Money
Being GenerousTheft and Pickpocketing 
Being NiceBeing selfish
Giving items to those that askChem use and addiction

3. Curie


Lets just say Curie is a robot like Codsworth, well, actually, she is. Still, she has a different department than him. Curie is a medic who will never let you down. You will find her on Vault 81 after completing the Hole In The Wall mission. 

Her companion perk is Combat Medic, in which, once a deal, you will heal upto 100 HP when your health is below 10 percent; it does not matter what time of the day it is; this perk can save your life if you know your play style.

Let us look at her likes and dislikes. 

Healing DogmeatMurdering NPCs
Being NiceTheft 
Being PeacefulPickpocketing
Being MeanBeing Selfish 
Helping the Railroad folksChem addiction only (you can use chem but it should not be an addiction)
Giving items to those asking for it

4. Paladin Danse

Paladin Danse

If you have advanced in the game, you might have had an encounter with the Brotherhood of Steel already; this guy is their Commanding Officer. To recruit him, you must save some Brotherhood members and complete the Tour of Duty mission. You can find him in the Cambridge Police System.

His companion perk is called Know Your Enemy; it gives you a 20% damage increase against ghouls, mutants, and synths. You will also need to complete the Blind Betrayal to access this perk.

Power Armor EntryCannibalism
Vertibird EntryMuredering NPCs
Armor and Weapon ModificationsTheft and Pickpocketing
Being nice and Being violent Being mean
Helping the Brotherhood of SteelBeing peaceful
Helping the MinutemenChem use 

5. Deacon


Deacon is an.. Interesting individual, to say the least; he has a lot of things to get off his back, but at least you will be there to help him out. His role as a spy is one of the best drivers for a companion in the game. Plus, he has a lot of potential. His past is unknown, but his skills as an infiltrator are excellent, let’s not deny it.

His companion perk, Cloak and Dagger, increases sneak attack damage depending on the choice of weapon and range; effects from stealth boys are increased to 40%. However, a few bugs have been confirmed about this skill, so be careful in your playthroughs.

Let us discuss this companions likes and dislikes.

Healing DogmeatMurdering NPCs
LockpickingBeing violent 
Theft and Speech check for MoneyChem use
Being nice and Being meanChem addiction
Giving items to those who ask for itKilling settlers or Railroad will turn him. He will be against you.

6. Dogmeat


Whos a good doggy? This boi is! The dog everyone likes up to the point where healing him increases the affinity of most of the companions. This guy will help you find almost everyone that goes against you since he is your best friend! His tracker skill will turn his likeliness from good to best boi! The fallout 4 approval system does not work for him. 

His companion skill is Attack Dog, which can only be unlocked through advancing on levels, there are four stages, and the last stage is acquired when one reaches level 31. There are also no ways for him to dislike you because he is your best friend! 

7. John Hancock

John Hancock

A zombie pirate is the first word that might come to your mind upon seeing this guy. It is perfectly understandable. But we assure you, he is more than just a pretty ugly face. He was a human who has now turned into a ghoul and offers his services to the MC characters as a companion.

His perk is Isodoped, which is a pretty cool name ngl. It does that if you have more than 250 radiation points, your critical hit value increases 20% faster, which is an excellent sign since most of us don’t even know what to do with the critical rate.

Here are some likes and dislikes so you can increase your relationship with Hancock. 

Being GenerousMurdering NPCs
Being PeacefulTheft
Being ViolentWearing no clothes
Chem use only Being selfish
Giving items to the ones who askBeing mean

8. Robert McCready

Robert McCready

Robert McCready sounds like a cowboy name for sure, but there is no doubt that this guy can do many things for the people he cares about.

The reason is that he was the leader of a colony of children called the Little Lamplight in which he became the leader.  Although mccready likes certain bad things, he despises good things.

His companion perk is called Killshot; the practicality of this perk is that when you use the VATS system, your chance to hit a headshot on the enemy is 20%. This can be a significant perk for the people who like to aim for the head every time.

Theft, i.e., picking locksMurdering NPCs,
Speech checks for moneyBeing nice and being mean 
TheftBeing Meanful
Being ViolentChem addiction only
Helping the MinutemenGiving items to those who ask

9. Nick Valentine

Nick Valentine

No, he will not be your valentine because he is a synthezoid. Plus, he is also a private detective, which you can use for your infiltration missions. Honestly, he runs a small detective agency and is the only person in it, which is quite sad.  You can derive many uses from this guy, but we will talk about his perk.

His companion perk is Close to Metal, which is badass, although it gives you one more chance at hacking terminals which does not help that much but is good enough for most playthroughs. It also decreases the terminal reset time by 50%.

Let us look at the likes and dislikes.

Healing DogmeatMurdering NPCs 
Being nice and being meanPicking locks and thefts
Giving items to those who askPickpocketing 
 Being peaceful and violent
 Helping the Brotherhood of Steel

10. Piper Wright

Piper Wright

This is everyone’s favorite reporter, and you can find her in Diamond city near the entrance, and yes, before you ask, you can romance her. The company she works in is Publick Occurrences. When you earn maximum affinity from her, you can give a companion perk and the opportunity to get funky with her (yes).

Her companion perk is Gift of Gab, which lets you obtain double XP when discovering new locations. You can also get successful charism speech checks. It will help you whenever you get it, but you need to get her affinity maxed since you will discover many locations at the beginning of the game. So getting that double XP is going to be useful.

Healing Dogmeat Cannibalism
Lockpicking Murdering NPCs 
Being Generous. Being MeanPicking locks and Theft
Giving items to those who ask Pickpocketing
Helping the MinutemenBeing selfish, Being Peaceful and Being Violent
Helping the RailroadHelping the Brotherhood of Steel

11. Preston Garvey

Preston Garvey

It is time for the first ally you encounter besides Dogmeat, you find him fighting against some thugs and decide to help him in your super suit. But you should know he is more than just a tough SOB. He is glad to be your companion and assist you in many things, but you are specifically here for that cowboy hat and the companion perk, right?

The companion perk is United We Stand; it decreases the player’s damage resistance by 20 points and gets an increase in damage when they are outnumbered by three to one.

12. Strong


Yes, he is very strong indeed. Although he resembles Man-Thing a little bit, he is a super mutant imprisoned at the Trinity Towers. He was a member of a Warband where he betrayed his brothers. Based on your presumption, he is disfigured but proficient with heavy weapons such as launchers and miniguns. 

His companion perk is called Berserk, where he allows a player a damage buff which increases the melee damage of the player by 20% if their health is less than 25%. This only applies to melee and not guns.

CannibalismPower Armor Entry
Murdering NPCsVertibird Entry
Being GenerousHealing Dogmeat 
Being ViolentLockpicking and Theft
Being Peaceful Speech check for Caps 
 Being Selfish and Being Mean
 Helping the Brotherhood of Steel

13. X6-88


This is everyone’s second favorite Synth, and he will be one of the best companions due to his perk and attitude towards the fight. You can find this guy near a fishing boat on the North-East of Nordhagen Beach. Now let us talk about his Companion Perk.

The companion perk is Shield Harmonics; it gives you 20% energy resistance and stacks, which is better than Codsworth’s perk. It will also provide you with a 30% increase against robotic enemies.

Now let us look at the likes and dislikes of this person/synth.

Power Armor EntryHealing Dogmeat
HackingWearing no Clothing
Armor ModificationsBeing nice and Being Generous
Weapon ModificationsChem Addiction 
Speech check for CapsChem use
Being SelfishGiving items to those who ask
Being MeanDoes not mind it if you help the Railroad

14. Old Longfellow

Old Longfellow

Olf Longfellow will be of much use to you since he is an experienced hunter; this experience will lend you the help you need with his companion perk. He can be found near his cabin called the Longfellow cabin. He is a native of the Island and is a worthwhile companion to find if you are interested in recruiting this one.

His companion perk is Hunter’s Wisdom, which decreases the damage and energy resistance of animals and sea creatures by 25 %. This will help you in increasing your DPS. 

Drinking Alcohol but not beer Chem use and Chem addiction 
Requesting money from quest givers Cannibalism 
Healing Dogmeat Donating items
Being peaceful during conversationsMurder 
Helping settlements Pickpocketing and refusing to help settlements
 Being generous and Being violent

15. Porter Gage

Porter Gage

Porter gage might look like a serious fellow, but he is alright because if he becomes your companion, he won’t hurt you. You will find him by completing the “An Ambitious Plan” mission in the Nuka World main quest series. He is a raider who was fortunate enough to grow up on a small farm with his parents. Let us see what perk he provides us when we reach maximum affinity.

His companion perk is Lessons in Blood which gives you a 5% bonus experience for every kill and damage resistance by 10 points. Now let us look at his likes and dislikes.

Refusing to help settlementsHelping settlements under attack
Modifying weaponsChem addiction
Murdering NPCsChem use 
Picking LocksDonating items to others
Stealing Dring alcohol
Asking for more caps during questsBeing friendly, generous, or peaceful in speech
Being selfish, violent and mean 

The Conclusion

That is all you need to know about the fallout 4 affinity game mechanic. This game has a lot of unique things that this mechanic provides, and it would be a shame if you would not want to use it properly to get buffs and not romance characters. Happy hunting!

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