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11+ Best Fallout Dogmeat Armor Mods (Download) 2024

Fallout 4 Dogmeat Armor Mod

We love our doggos, don’t we? They make our lives better without even trying, and their cute little tricks are enough to make anyone smile. But if your dog is as fierce and loyal as dogmeat, it’s only fair to give him an armor fit for the bestest boi, wouldn’t you agree? That is why today we will look at the fallout 4 dogmeat armor mod selections to determine which ones are the best.

These mods will vary according to what you like on him and if it has the right propensity to fit in the vanilla game without breaking it. No mod is perfect, so we must scout it through and determine the best ones. Oh, before we forget, we will also answer some burning questions you might have after skimming through the article.

Can you mod dog armor Fallout 4?

Yes, many mods let you mod and change the armors you download since they have swatches that let you change between the heavy and light and completely metal ones. There are also various color options to choose from in those mods.

Can you put dog armor dogmeat Fallout 4?

Besides dog armor, you can also put armor on dogmeat. However, there are various options for changing each area where dogmeat puts on armor, including collars, backpacks, and body armor. Yes, you can quickly put armors on dogmeat; we will cover those mods in an upcoming section.

What armor can dogmeat wear in Fallout 4?

Any armor downloaded from the list we have given below can be worn by dogmeat. You can also use the Chemistry station to change things and adjust colors on the armor you have equipped on dogmeat.

Fallout 4 dogmeat armor mod

1. K9-Harness


We did say the bestest boi deserves the bestest armor, did we not? That is why we are bringing you this fallout 4 K9 harness, which will let Dogmeat look more like Riley from COD Ghosts. But that is a good thing since both of them are brave, of the same breed, and have the best boi traits. This mod feels like an excellent little step up from the usual frolics we get about in the mod community.

More importantly, this is just an upgradation of the bare-bones vanilla look that dogmeat has in the game, which is why many people wanted dog armor in the first place. However, this mod adds armor to Dogmeat and lets you customize what you put in the armor. It can provide all ranges from side pouches, pockets, and backpacks, with various patches, colors, and patterns.

This military-grade project with upgraded technology can please even the stingiest of players. This mod has eight unique patterns to choose from, and you can also select varying colors. We can quickly get into many other details, but it is better if you see it for yourself; click on the mod link above.

2. Dogmeat Power Armor

Dogmeat Power Armor

If a doggo is not enough for your rescue, how about one covered with the power armor mod you wield? It looks like a dog terminator, and we cannot decide if we should be scared for our lives or go over and give him a pet. Regardless of how we feel, getting this mod is a good idea since it is of top-notch quality and has a lot of hidden detailing. 

This mod also comes with a mini-story, with the armor pieces being received as a quest reward. It is good since it does not make the mods vanilla and adds depth and story to everything you receive throughout the playthrough. 

There are three weights, three different textures, armor pieces, and multiple colors you can use to create a power armor for your favorite dog! Outside Sanctuary, you will find a dead rider and a dead dog; this is where the story will start, and you will have to pick up various armor pieces as you go along.

It is an excellent way for the fallout 4 dogmeat armor mod to incorporate itself into the story while allowing itself to have a reason for its presence. There are different types of armor as well, consisting of light and heavy versions. 

We can go on and on about how the story progresses and how each upgrade makes sense, but that would be spoilers, plus you would be unable to enjoy this mod’s full glory. So click on the mod link and download it right now.

3. Real Dogmeat Armor

Real Dogmeat Armor

Your doggy will look like Rick from Power Rangers SPD after the installation of this mod. That is not bad since Rick could turn into a freaking cannon! Rest assured, this mod will not turn your dog into a cannon. This mod is as simple as it can be.

It changes and applies various versions of the dogmeat armor that changes ER and DR. There are two more variants, Uber and Doubler. The metal pieces look worn out, making the dog look more terrifying. Oh, there are various versions of heavy dog collars included in this mod.

Click on the mod link to download this fantastic mod and get a taste of this beautiful armor power.

4. Oppressor Dog Armor

Oppressor Dog Armor

To say that this dog armor mod looks intimidating would be an understatement; that is why we include it on this list. Dogmeat should look cute to you, but that does not necessarily mean he should look the same for the enemies. This mod applies better if Dogmeat was associated with the Raiders and was also exclusively made for that purpose.

But you can use it for whatever purpose you want as long as it makes Dogmeat look good. There are a couple of good story points and spoilers even in the description of this mod, so we suggest you read on and find what suits your fancy and the story behind it. Click on the mod link to find out what the fuss is about.

5. Dogmetal


A metal armor completely transforming dogmeat into a terminator does not necessarily sound that bad, does it? Even if it does not have any functional utility, this mod offers an upgrade to dogmeat’s fluffy structure, transforming him into a metal guardian. It replaces dogmeat with a dogbot that does more damage than him and has plenty more features.

Those features include more HP, immunity to radiation, immunity to poison, the ability to sneak, no fall damage, and plenty more. Plus, there are multiple crafting options for your newly acquired dog as well; You can get more than one dog, too; to do that, you need to download the EFF mod or anything similar. 

You can find your newly acquired puppies in the sanctuary shelter, in the root cellar. However, you will also require the Automatron DLC, giving you Ada.

6. Vault Suits and Sunglasses

Vault Suits and Sunglasses

A sunglasses and vault-based suit will definitely be a good upgrade for your doggy rather than your standard birthday suit. Plus, this mod is also considered horizon friendly, so you should have no problems with texture adjustment. There are not many uses of cosmetic changes besides to look cool, but this cosmetic change feels like a different work for dogmeat.

Resembling his master when they first came out of the Fallout shelter, this solidifies the friendship between man and dog in the subtlest ways possible. Plus, when you look at him wearing this outfit, he looks like the cutest dog in the world, not that he is not already.

7. Shadow the Dark Husky

Shadow the Dark Husky

If you do not like Dogmeat as a German Shephard(you traitor), you can always use this mod to switch up your dog’s breed and make him a Husky. There are more than 100,000 downloads for this mod which suggests that this mod is trendy among husky enthusiasts. Although if you still want to keep dogmeat with you, this mod’s default version does that.

If you want the husky to be standalone, then you can download the optional files present with the mod. You can get more information on how the optional files work and how they can affect gameplay in the mod’s description.

8. Diverse Dogs

Diverse Dogs

We know this is an armor mod article, but you can never have enough dog breeds. The following entries will include various cosmetic changes for the armor, but for now, this mod will cover different dog breeds you can get through the mod community. You can also get these from workshops and vendors, so keep an eye out for different ones.

This mod has links for various breeds all on one page. Some of the more popular ones include Labradors, Cat retextures, Floppy-eared dogmeat, and many more. Click on the mod and check the description to see what you can get from this mod.

9. Dog Combat Armor –  Craftable and Standalone

Dog Combat Armor -  Craftable and Standalone

With this mod, dog armor can be craftable and is a standalone thing for your creative freedom. It allows endless customizations, but in the end, this is just a dog replacement for armor, so it has a variant for light and heavy armor. There is also a gas mask for you to use for dogmeat in case there are any poisonous gases around, or it just looks cool.

You can craft these in the Chem station, and also, they are intricated to all leveled lists so that all dogs will spawn with armors based on their levels. To know more about installing the mod and more information, click on the mod link and read the description.

10. K-9 Terminator Synth Dogmeat

K-9 Terminator Synth Dogmeat

Everyone wants to be a terminator, and there might be mods for your main character to be in the game, more or less. How about your dog? You cannot leave him out of the fun, no? This mod was originally in Fallout 3 and has been copied from there.

In total, this mod has three variations; one is a terminator-like skin, and the other is a dark version of the original dogmeat skin and original dogmeat colors. The terminator one has a glowing red eye and various different textures for the head and the mod. Check out the mod’s description to get more information about the skins.

11. Ghost White Dogmeat

Ghost White Dogmeat

This mod is not a fallout 4 dogmeat armor mod, but it increases Dogmeat’s cuteness tenfold by making him look like a snow-white angel. This dog will be with you till the adventure ends and through more. This mod makes dogmeat look like a husky a bit more, but it’s worth it. There are specific eye color changes as well.

There is also a ghost eye that has no pupils, along with scars on the left side, which makes him look like a badass fighter dog, which he already is. The mod link features multiple videos that have used this mod in their playthroughs; check those and see if you think downloading it is worth it.

12. Dogmeat’s Backpack

Dogmeat’s Backpack

If you have a big pack to carry everything you want, why should dogmeat not carry something for his doggy snacks? This bag might not be a big addition, but it makes him look like an aesthetic fighter dog. You can find a total of 7 backpacks in different colors and three sizes, which are craftable.

The large backpack size increases the carry weight by 150, the medium size by 100, and the small ones by 50. It also has four dog collars so your good boy can turn into the best boy. You can get all of these by making them in a chemistry station.

The Verdict

Those are all the important fallout 4 dogmeat armor mod selections. In addition, we have also added multiple mods relating to cosmetic settings and more. The cosmetics will help you vary the look of your pet and make it look stylish. Happy Hunting!

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